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    Between Diary and Document

    We intend this page as a medium to connect to the society while being an individual to reflect and record things that we have been thinking and seen in our daily lives.

    006. Black Wall

    A symbolic presence in the traditional farmhouse pretending to be storage.

    Dwelling in Izu-Oshima
    2007 Oshima-cho, Tokyo

    House of lumber jack in West-Tama
    2008 Urayama-Hosokubo, Chichibu City, Saitama

    House deep in the mountains in Chichibu
    2008 Otaki-Tochimoto, Chichibu City, Saitama

    Farmhouse in Kyoto Yase
    2010 Konoe-cho Yase Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

    Townhouse in the coast of Ugo
    2010 Fukiura Uza-cho, Akumi County, Yamagata

    Hyuga Tsurutomi Mansion
    2013 Shiba-cho, East Usuki County, Miyazaki

    Hyuga Tsurutomi Mansion
    2013 Shiba-cho, East Usuki County, Miyazaki

    005. Village

    New village
    Hosen-cho 1993 Yonezawa City, Yamagata

    Fisherman’s village
    Ishige 1993 Sado City, Nigata

    Shipwright’s village
    Shukunegi 1993 Sado City, Nigata

    Boathouse village
    Ine 1993 Yosa County, Kyoto

    Port village in the mountains
    Hirafuku 1993 Sayo County, Hyogo

    Jewelers Rouge village
    Fukiya 1993 Takahashi City, Okayama

    Castle like house
    Hirokane house 1993 Takahashi City, Okayama

    Waterway village
    Hagi 1993 Hagi City, Yamaguchi

    Ochimusha village
    Iya 1993 Miyoshi City, Tokushima

    Ochimusha village
    Iya 1993 Miyoshi City, Tokushima

    Ochimusha village
    Iya 1993 Miyoshi City, Tokushima

    Ochimusha village
    Iya 1993 Miyoshi City, Tokushima


    004. Tulou

    Fujian Tulou 1990

    003. Workshop

    ghost in the house
    PROJECT VILLAGE 2015 Budapest Hungary


    002. Columns

    Column as the presence of god
    Sacred Tree Togane city, Chiba

    Column as the absence of god
    Aramatsuri-no-miya,Ise Shrine Ise city, Mie

    Column creating a barrier 
    Saimyou-ji Early Kamakura Period Shiga

    Column creating floors
    Sannaimaruyama Ruins Early Jomon Period Aomori city, Aomori

    Column decorated  
    Houkai-ji Early Kamakura Period Kyoto city, Kyoto

    Column independent in the living space
    Furui-ke Late Muromachi Period Himeji city, Hyogo

    Column with tie beams going through
    Nandai-mon, Toudai-ji 1199 Nara city, Nara

    Column dividing fields 
    Atsuta Shrine 1955 Nagoya city, Aichi

    Column creating space
    Otsuka-Shuzo, sake brewing kura  1895 Bando city, Ibaragi

    Column standing on the border of inside and outside
    Koto-in, Daitoku-ji 1602 Kyoto city, Kyoto

    Column with traces of beams
    Egawa House Early Edo Period Izunokuni city, Shizuoka

    001. Slope and Cave

    This is a proposal plan for a facility with a program of observation and exhibition.

    When we unpacked the requirements (site, brief etc.) and sorted them out, 2 volumes with opposite characters arose.
    The first one is the Slope Observatory, where people can move around and enjoy the gradually changing view.
    The second one is the Cave Exhibition Space, where people can enjoy the exhibited work in a calm atmosphere.
    For this proposal we focused on sorting out each of the requirements based on rigorous reductionism.
    The architecture produced from that process does not become an ordinary one, but rather a unique on that roots to that specific site.